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Family portraits what to wear


What to Wear…

Family Portrait Ideas

We want your images to be fashion forward and give you an editorial shoot experience. Our goal is make this process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. The most important tip we can share is to be prepared well in advance – it can make all the difference in your photos. From portrait poses to outfit ideas, we got you covered!

Choose your outfits wisely. Your outfit Here is a little cheat sheet for clothing mixing up layers and textures, colors, hats, scarves, vests!  If you need help or have any questions let me know.  You can text me your outfits laid out and I can help!!! Michelle 512-669-8885.

Pinterest is always a great place to find inspiration:”

Here is a link to ease your mind and for ideas:

  • Layer! Layer! Layer! Think about layering your look.  Layer your jewelry and clothing!  I can’t emphasize it enough! Vests, jackets, shirts – Layer your look!  Once you establish the basic clothing items. Accessorize! Scarves, sweaters, necklaces, bows, vests are always good options. ALWAYS start with what you want or would like to wear, THEN go through their closets!  After that you can pick something up if need be like Old Navy or some place easy to find colors or accessories !!


  •  I lay it out on the couch and just see what it ‘needs’  without being too matchy!!



  • BEST to go for a TRIO OF COLORS much easier and gives a cool cohesive look!


  • Accessorize. You wouldn’t believe the difference accessories can make! Sunglasses, scarves, hats, jewelry, caps, cardigans, jackets, belts, balloons, signs even!


  • Pick a themes and style yourself accordingly. Imagine that you have to style yourself like you would for a commercial set. Anything and everything can help to set the tone and overall vibe. If we’re hitting the beach, select outfits that flow in the wind and accessorize with beach bags, sunglasses, a beach ball and more!  



  • Organize your outfits. Group your different outfits together so you can change quickly during your shoot. Be sure to include jewelry and accessories to distinguish one look from the next.


  • Make sure you’re comfortable. You may be sitting for some of your photos, so picking comfortable clothes that fit well and flatter are key.


  • Bring props? Bring some if you like, wether it’s signs or part of set!  From wine and wind glasses to lolly pops!  You can even bring your friends and pets. The sky’s the limit!


  • Get styled. Consider running by and seeing your hairdresser or blo-bar for a quick style for the shoot if you’d like an extra polished look!


  • Remember! You might be sitting on the ground and you are outside so plan your outfit accordingly.


  • Kiddos! I got the kiddos! Your job as a parent is to look at the lens and be ready to smile. I have taken so many photos where mom isn’t looking at the camera because she is busy adjusting her kids clothing or giving them directions. Let your photographer take charge and connect with your kids, they often listen better to another adult anyway! (Well sometimes!)


  • Stress! Try not to stress on the final product, try to enjoy the experience, it will show in your photos. I know photo shoots are stressful, especially for mom, but try to embrace that life isn’t perfect and don’t try to get the perfect photo! Let go of expectations….the perfect family photo may not necessarily be the one you envision…if you are relaxed your children will be too!  This is my family”)


Can even rent the runway for kids or yourself for a little something special!

Rent for kids:

Rent for women:   and

Remember! You might be sitting on the ground and you are outside so plan your outfit accordingly


Please arrive on time dressed and ready to shoot!  Arriving late will cut your session short:(If you need a little extra time,  you’re welcome to arrive early and make yourself at home in the studio while I’m finishing things up:)

STUDIO ADDRESS:  6800 Caudill Lane, Austin 78738.


Once you are on Caudill Lane, no gps will get you to our door:(  Just keep looking for the only LEFT turn by the Mail boxes. There is a small sign that says “private drive”.  We are the very last property on that drive.  I’ll text a little video where to turn.