Abbie + Kerry {Austin Wedding Photographer} |

Abbie + Kerry {Austin Wedding Photographer}

Amazing.  I really don’t know how or where to start with these two…I just love ‘real’ people! No airs or agendas what you see is what you get kind of people! Abbie and Kerry AND their friends and family are just that!  So much fun to be around and watch their pure of heart smiling faces!  Although there is one spot  that was difficult to navigate even for myself.   Here I am a couple of weeks after the wedding trying to not start crying again.  At least I now know I can work through tears.  Abbie lost a very close and cherished BFF Courtney just before her wedding.  As a tribute, Abbie danced with Courtney’s dad it was touching. These two Abbie and Kerry make the world a better place! Can’t wait for you to have babies!!  Love you guys!


Whimsical Wedding

Bride and Groom Table for Austin Wedding Bride and Groom Kissing Bridal Bouquet and Garter Black and White Wedding Party Wedding Rings On Wedding Day Wedding Rings on Hymnal Adorable Bridal Party Wedding Day Nuptials with Abbie and Kerry Sparkly Things Are a MUST for Beautiful Wedding Wedding Dance for the Happy Couple Very Happy Bride Beautiful Bride with Groomsmen Wedding Aisle with Special View New Years Wedding Party Table Bride with Bridesmaids for Black and White Wedding Party Introducing the Wedding Couple Wedding Dance for Super Happy Couple Catching the Bride and Groom Sneak a Kiss Wedding Day Love Sparklers for the Newly Married Couple Sparkly Shoes and Wedding Rings Black and White Wedding Party Champagne Toast for the Happy Couple Groom Hiding Head Under Wedding Dress Finishing Touches on Bridal Dress Bridal Garter Ready to Be Seen Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Cake Groom and His Groomsmen Wedding Day Dresses Ready to Be Worn Bride and Groom Ready for Cake Bride Walking Down the Aisle Wedding dress hung and ready to wear Gold Sparkly Wedding Details Wedding Day Details and Pictures of Bride and Groom






Venue: Antebellum Oaks  |  Photographer: Michelle Loconto Photography | Catering: Rudy’s | Hair and Make up: /