Kelly + Traig {Austin Wedding Photographer} |

Kelly + Traig {Austin Wedding Photographer}

Don’t really know where to start with these two!  The moment you meet them you just want to sit and spend time with them! So honestly funny, caring, just a blast to be around… much less document!  I can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud. 🙂 Felt like the big day would never get here!  Loved all their ideas!  Kelly spent so much time planning everything to the nines!  Came together so beautifully I knew it would and couldn’t wait to see it!  Colorful happy sunflowers against THE WILDFLOWER BARN was something strait out of Pinterest!

Love what the guys wore, with just a pop of color in the ties. Her dress was light and airy just looked amazing on her!  A beautiful coming together of two loving families.  So cool to see where they got their amazing qualities! I mean even both sets of parents were loving to each other like they were newlyweds!  Okay  apparently I have a file I keep in the back of my head too…After all the weddings over the years there are just a few Fathers of the brides that I still picture clearly…Mr. Miller let’s just say has joined the ranks of coolest dads ever…I mean when someone comes prepared with a hockey mask and breaks out into Silent Night waiting for the sparkler send-off…just sayin!

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Venue:  Wildflower Barn Driftwood |  Photographer: Michelle Loconto Photography |  DJ DJ Slyce-Sound Experience | Catering: Rudy’s|