Loco Lens is a Texas-based boutique photography studio with nearly two decades of experience behind the lens. Specialized in providing a modern portrait experience for business professionals, high school seniors and weddings, our keen eye for detail and sophistication is what truly sets us apart.

We fully understand the stress that comes with getting your image taken. Our mission is to guide you, style you and put you at ease on camera. Our hope is that your experience with us goes beyond a single session so that we can be your photographer for life.


Hi, I’m Loco!

I can’t tell you how excited that I am that you’re here! My full name is Michelle Loconto, but my friends call me Loco. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, I am an energetic mother of three
with a lot of patience and a serious obsession with photography and Mexican food.

My journey into photography began just over seventeen years ago. I started my career as an assistant to two well-established and world-renowned commercial photographers. Working
alongside them, I not only gained tremendous exposure and technical experience, but I discovered how drawn I was to the emotional-moving imagery of photojournalism. So much
that I ventured out to start my own photography studio, marrying everything I learned with my own creative vision.

Almost two decades later, I can happily share that my life behind the lens is one that I’m still passionate about. I can confidently say that I walk into each session with the same level of enthusiasm as I did when I held my first camera.

Loco Lens (formerly known as Michelle Loconto Photography) is what I like to call the next chapter of my journey as a professional photographer. Growing so much over the years, both in my personal and professional life, I knew that it was time to bring you all something fresh and exciting, and I am beyond thrilled to share this you!